4000 Golden Age Drive | Batavia, OH 45103


Batavia, Nursing Care Center, is a quaint, 110-bed nursing home with access to the amenities and technology of a city-based facility and the relaxed, cozy feeling of a rural home. The care center has been a prominent fixture of the Batavia community for almost four decades. A long-standing establishment such as this quality center provides a healthcare facility on which the community can rely.

Batavia Nursing Care Center is directly off of US-32, 9 miles from I-275. Operating in the shadow of Mercy Clermont Hospital, long-standing relationships have been in place for almost 40 years.

One advantage of this center is our dialysis unit, which performs on-site dialysis services through the established relationship with Davita Dialysis. The on-site dialysis eliminates transportation costs that sometimes fall to the family or resident.

Batavia Nursing Care Center also specializes in vent/trach care. An entire wing is devoted to caring for residents that come with ventilators. This unique vent unit is unmatched in the community and has become the model vent unit in the region. The vent unit contains unique, highly trained staff as well as a full-time Respiratory Therapist and a Board Certified Pulmonologist. There is life after life support at this center as we concentrate on making our patient's lives as viable as possible.

Batavia has also bridged the gap between hospital and home for short-term rehab residents. The facility has an experienced team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists who provide therapy in a calm, healing environment. While not in therapy, short-term residents reside in spacious private rooms with their own televisions.

We will continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare while continuing to provide care in the beautiful community of Batavia for years to come. Please contact us today for a tour!